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Oxford Singers entertain UNISON

eileen (pics: Caroline) | 26.11.2003 16:26 | Culture | Oxford


Well, which side are YOU on?
Well, which side are YOU on?

Sea Green Singers at UNISON Fair
Sea Green Singers at UNISON Fair

On the fine but chilly morning of Monday 24 November, nine of the Oxford Sea Green Singers bundled into a minibus to drive down to Guildford, Surrey. Here, in the Civic Hall, they entertained members of UNISON’s South East Region, gathered for their Organising Fair, with spirited renditions of various protest and radical songs, including, by special request, the Billy Bragg version of the Internationale.
The Sea Green Singers were formed two years ago, as a spin-off from a WEA course entitled ‘Songs that changed the world’. Under their musical director, Sarah Westcott, they now constitute the ‘musical wing’ of the Oxford Levellers and have taken part for several years running in the Levellers’ Day commemorative events in Burford. Although the group, totalling more than twenty members in all, regards having fun as its priority, most of them are also heavily committed to action for peace and social justice. It is not surprising, therefore, that as their expertise and repertoire grow there is an increasing demand for their services from like-minded organisations. They will be appearing at the CND Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 29 November.
If you would be interested in joining the group, please contact Sid Phelps:

eileen (pics: Caroline)


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