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ISM Reports: Indian American Activist To Sue Israel For Unlawful Arrest

ISM Media Office | 26.11.2003 15:42 | Repression | World

For Immediate Release
November 25, 2003


[Beit Sahour, West Bank]

International Solidarity Movement volunteer Radhika Sainath, from
Orange County, California is suing the state of Israel on Thursday,
November 27 for unlawful imprisonment, negligence and breach of
obligations. Leading human rights lawyer Shamai Liebowitz will be
representing Ms. Sainath, who was seized by Israeli soldiers last
November in the olive groves of the West Bank village Jayyous.

Ms. Sainath will testify against the gross misconduct of Israeli
authorities in handling her arrest, during which she was prohibited
from calling her lawyer, not served with an arrest warrant and
transferred to multiple holding centers over 48 hours, causing her
to suffer mental trauma and agony.

Eight other internationals and one Israeli were detained along with
Ms. Sainath after observing hundreds of Palestinians pray at the
site of olive trees bulldozed for the creation of the "security"
Wall. Three of the internationals were deported.

News agencies, Israelis, and Internationals are invited to attend
this hearing in support of Radhika Sainath.

Judge David Geldstein
12PM Thursday, November 27
Tel Aviv Magistrate Court
1 Weizman Street, Tel Aviv

For more information contact:

Radhika Sainath: +972 65 203 596
Attorney Shamai Liebowitz: +972 64 414 505
For Arabic contact Ghassan: +972 67 981 126


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