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Thessaloniki 7 released!

medico | 26.11.2003 15:06 | Cambridge | London

Reports on IRC and on Thessaloniki indymedia that the hungerstrikers have been released on bail. Can anyone confirm?

Just been hearing on IRC that the Thessaloniki 7 have been released on bail!

IliasZ after a meeting of the legal council
IliasZ (i don't know how to translate it)
IliasZ all 7 are set freee
IliasZ without bail
IliasZ but with the following terms
IliasZ the ones that are not greek
IliasZ have to stay in Greece until the trial
IliasZ and the ones that are Greek
IliasZ cannot leave Greece
IliasZ and have to pay visits to a police station

See IMC Thessaloniki:

Can anyone else confirm that the 7 have been released?