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Hunger Strikers in Critical Condition

Poon | 25.11.2003 23:00 | Thessaloniki EU | Globalisation | Repression | Cambridge

Cambridge activists have been raising awareness of the plight of 7 men, including Simon Chapman from the UK, who are currently on hunger strike in Greek Prisons after being arrested at protests in Thessaloniki in June. Passers by were given leaflets and shown a short film explaining the clear evidence that Simon was framed by Police who planted incriminating 'evidence' in order to give the impression that he had been carrying molotov's, a hammer and an axe.

One of the activists said, “The evidence is striking! Simon was seen wearing his blue rucksack when he was first dragged across the street by the police. Minutes later he was filmed surrounded by three black rucksacks which the police had filled with molotov's. It's all on film!”

LATEST UPDATE -- They're OUT! All 7 have been released on bail. See IMC UK for more information.

Cambridge Thessaloniki solidarity stall
Cambridge Thessaloniki solidarity stall

Unfortunately the Greek judge who has denied Simon bail has refused to even look at the powerful video evidence. However, as a result of solidarity actions around the world, there have been some signs of movement on the issue from the Greek authorities but at the time of writing the men continue to be denied bail despite their innocence and their deteriorating medical condition.

On Monday the chief prosecutor issued a 70 page document opposing bail but under Greek law this is only a recommendation and the final decision will be taken by a panel of judges over the next few days. So there is still time to exert pressure on the Greek authorities.

To get text message updates on the the well-being of the hunger strikers and related demonstrations e-mail your mobile number to

See the UK IndyMedia front page for updates on the hunger strikers, some of whom have now been without food for over 60 days.