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Doctors to be 'charged with homicide' if they do not force feed hunger strikers

26.11.2003 12:02 | Thessaloniki EU

An amazing declaration today by the district attorney in Athens who issued a statement that the 5 hunger strikers will be forced fed and ant doctors who refuse this will be "charged with homicide"!!!!

A translation of the statement will be put on indymedia as and when we have it. What we know so far is that the Doctors in question, those of the civil hospital in Athens were Carlos, Fernando and Spiros are held, have refused this demand by the District Attorney of Athens. We wait with any developments.

Yesterday morning an inquiry was started by the supreme court into the allegations of the fit-up of the thessaloniki seven. This is an unprecedented move and will be more preassure on the courts in thessaloniki regarding their decision whether or not to release the hunger strikers on humanitarian grounds.

The chief prosecutor has proposed that the council of judges in thessaloniki should REJECT the application to release the five hunger strikers on humanitarian grounds. This was done in the form of a 70 page report presented to the judges. It is still ultimately the judges who will decide in the next few days but many of the legal team fear that the judges will NOT go against the chief prosecutor.

Around 30 MEP have apparently issued a statement to the Greek authorities for the immediate release of the 5 hunger strikers on humanitarian grounds.


>>>>>>Contact your greek consulates, demonstrate outside, let them know your anger!

London - Greek Embassy

1A Holland Park,
London W11 3TP
Tel.: 020 7221 0093 / 7221 5977
Fax: 020 7243 4212

Belfast - Honorary Consulate

Hurst House
15 - 19 Corporation Square
Belfast BT1 3AJ
Tel. 01232 242 242
Telex 74682
Fax. 0289 023 5776
Hon. Consul: Mr Michael Ewings

Birmingham - Honorary Consulate

229 Hagley Road
Birmingham B16 9RP
Tel. 0121 454 3369
Fax. 0121 456 2722
Hon. Consul: Mr Christopher Philippides

Edinburgh - Honorary Consulate General

Tel./Fax. 0131 477 0706
Hon. Consul General: Mrs Melpomeni Papaioannou-Plevri

Glasgow - Honorary Consulate

1 Kirklee Quadrant
Glasgow G12 0TR
Tel. 0141 334 0360
Hon Consul: Mrs Irene Cavouras

Leeds - Honorary Consulate

8 Street Lane
Leeds, West Yorkshire LS8 2ET
Tel. 0113 226 2672
Hon. Consul: Mr Antonios Naslas

Southampton - Honorary Vice Consulate

64 Wilton Gardens
Southampton SO15 7QR
Tel/Fax. 02380 788 060 or 0870 7424752
Hon. Vice Consul: Mr Nikolas Kouladis

>>>>>>Contact greek academics for support, disrupt lectures and demand to show the Simon Chapman film.

Birmingham University  
Dimitrios Tziovas Greek Studies  

Bournemouth University  
Tony Boucouvalas COMMS
Peter Comninos CS ANIMATION

Bradford University  
Dimitris Kouvatsos  CS
Apostolos Vourdas CS

Brunel University  
Marios Agelidis CS
Christos Ioannidis Finance
Savvas Tassou MechEng  

 City University  
C Arcoumanis Mech Eng
Elias Dinenis Finance
Costas Grammenos Shipping
Anastasios Kokkalis Aviation/Aeronautics
Nikos Karcanias Control  

Durham University  
Paul Maropoulos DesignManuf  

Imperial College  
Tony Constantinides COMMS DSP
Thanassis Manikas COMMS
Efstathios Pistikopoulos Chem. Eng.
Christos Toumazou Electronics
Nikos Christofidis Finance Managmt

Kings College  
Costas S. Iliopoulos Algorithms
Michalis Yianneskis Engineering

Lancaster University  
Costas Xydeas COMMS DSP INFO SYS  

London School of Economics  
Nikos Mouzelis Sociology
Christopher Pissarides Economics

Loughborough University  
Yannis Vardaxoglou WIRELESS  

Nottingham University  
Christos Christopoulos Electrical  

Oxford University  
Vassilios Kouvaritakis CONTROL  

Periklis Loucopoulos CS IT  

Southampton University  
Takis Tridimas Law  
Mike Zervas Optical
Costantine Sedikides Psychology

South Bank University  
Tassos Karayiannis Engineering  

Surrey University  
George Pavlou COMMS
Nikos Spyrou Physics
Antonis Kokossis Process
Panos Tsakiropoulos Metallurgy

University of Westminster  
Vassilis Konstantinou CS  

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