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Public call by the hunger-strikers' doctors

imc thessaloniki translated | 26.11.2003 04:08

After examining the 2 hunger-strikers in the hospital of Koridalos Prison, (24/11 at 18.00) the doctors issued the following announcement:

The doctors signing, ATHANASIOS KAMBANELIS pathologist, ALEXANDRA EFTHIMIADOU-GHRIVA pathologist and KLEANTHIS GHRIVAS neurologist-psychiatrist, after examining the hunger-strikers SOLEIMAN DAHKDOUK, SIMON CHAPMAN, while mr Marinakis, doctor in duty at the “hospital” of Koridalos prison attended, (in a calm situation –far from the barbarian situation that has been denounced for Sunday 23rd November) have to testify the following:

1) The health state of the 2 hunger strikers (that have been denying food for 67 days the former and 52 days the latter) is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

2) Apart from all symptoms due to the long-term lack of food, SOLEIMAN DAKDOUK has a destructive appearance of the pituitary of the anus, while SIMON CHAPMAN has a zero blood pressure while standing. As it is obvious, this state may leed to unpredictable consequences for their health (irreversible harms) and their life AT ANY MOMENT and it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that they will be transferred to an organized state hospital.

Based on the above, we consider as ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE for everything that may happen concerning the health and the life of the five hunger strikers
(1) Prime minister, KONSTANT’INOS SIMITIS
(2) Minister of Justice, PH’ILIPPOS PETSALNIKOS
(3) the DOCTORS who, lapsing from their duty, will not act based on the protection of the health and the life of the patients and
(4) anyone STATE officer that will act as mentioned before, so as to serve various non-medical aims.

Let’s show for at least once, that, in our country, the concepts of “humanity” and “culture” are not empty of meaning

imc thessaloniki translated
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