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athens olympics new Greek govt. sport.

(A) | 24.11.2003 22:52

new pic for the greek government
just i idea

alt olympics logo
alt olympics logo

we can maybe embarras the bastards into stoping the deaths of the thesoloniki 7

this is just one idea make up your own and send them all over


According to information from the lawyers, and as the mainstream
radios alreday broadcast, the prosecutor suggested that the legal
demand of the hunger-strikers to be released should be REJECTED.
The procedure is that now the board (council) of judges must decide
weather to except or reject the prosecutor´s proposal, something
that is expected to happen the next days.

This development shows the brutality of the state towards the
hunger-strikers and their effort to break them and us, but it must be
made clear that this is not a final answer. Waiting for the Judges
Council response, we must now put all the pressure we can.

In Athens, the Occupation of University Administration continues for
fifth day and today there is a concentration at 5o´clock. Other
groups and organizations call for concentration in front Ministry of
Justice at 6.30. The administration of the Polytechnic School was also
occupied today in Athens and in Heraklio comrades occupied a
building of the city hall.



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