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Thessaloniki Update - Sunday 23rd Nov

s | 23.11.2003 17:03 | Thessaloniki EU | London | World

Today, the medical team treating the 5 hunger strikers were denied access to the prison to see Simon Chapman and Suleiman "Kastro" Dakduk.

I got a call from Simon today, and despite rumours last night that he and Kastro had been moved to a civilian hospital, this is not the case. Both Simon and Kastro are still in the prison in Athens, although their doctor put in a request to the prison authorities for them to be moved to the hospital due to their deteriorating health.

Today, the independent medical team treating the 5 hunger strikers arrived at the prison to see Simon and Kasro, but were denied access to their patients.

12 days ago, the lawyers of the 5 hunger strikers made an emergency application to the Thessaloniki court to release them on humanitarian grounds, as due to the hunger strike, neither the prison authorities nor the hospital could any longer guarantee responsibility for their health.

The courts have up to a month to make this decision, but due to their critical state of health the Greek Justice and Foreign ministers have demanded that the decision be made quickly; while the Greek Attorney General has taken the unprecedented step of demanding an immediate enquiry into allegations that Simon Chapman was framed by police, following the release of video and photographic evidence showing the police planting bags of molotov cocktails on him, to the Greek media.

Despite the pressure on the Thessaloniki courts, they have not yet made a decision - further endangering the lives of the 5.

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