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LAAW OFFICE | 23.11.2003 11:59 | Bush 2003 | London | World

New Legal Action Against War Forum now open..............

**************The new laaw forum is now open********************

Anyone can join, you can post messages, reply to others or just read the boards.

Forum Boards - General Messages, UK and International Events & Demonstrations, UK & International Press Releases, Website Feedback.

The LAAW Forum is free of charge, to post within it you must provide a valid email address and choose a password that you can remember, once you have completed the form to join, you will receive an automated email reply with a verification code, you must click on it to begin posting.

If you wish to read the forum topics you do not have to sign in.

Please note any information that you give within the sign up form is not collected by LAAW or passed / disclosed to a 3rd party.

LAAW will not have access to passwords, though we will have the facility to email all members of the forum. This would only be done if the forum has to shut temporaily for maintenance.

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