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STWC Site Goes Down

Rebel W | 23.11.2003 02:02 | Bush 2003

509 Error Seen on STWC site from 12am. Possible DoS attack?

The right wingers amongst the Yanks must be really mad at our recent mega-demo. Or maybe I'm jumping to conclusions. But what is for certain is that since at 12am Sun 23rd Nov,, home page of Stop the War Coalition, has been unavailable, because, as the server tells me "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later."

From what I understand, this implies that someone has been trying to attack the website, or (and this is a small possibility) too many people have been visiting. While the latter can't be ruled out, it would make sense: Sick Headed, Bored Republicans have taken time to disrupt service at both Al Jazeera sites (.info and .net) and with their president's facade badly hurt by mentions of protests in London this week.

Even MSNBC has given word to millions of Americans of the demonstrations, direct to their Hotmail inboxes as part of MSNBC News Daily Email. Such bad press is sure gonna hurt the GOP, so the lesser members of their group have presumably struck out at the organisation concerned.

Rebel W


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