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More solidarity actions for the Saloniki 7 in W. Yorkshire

IMC Leeds | 21.11.2003 01:07 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression

7 people are being detained without trial since the anti-EU demos of Thessaloniki, Greece in June 2003. 5 of them have been on hunger strike for between 49 and 66 days and are now on critical medical condition. Following a weekend of solidarity actions accross W.Yorks (report)it has been decided that solidarity actions will take place throughout the whole of this week as well, as the following days are extremely crucial for the hunger strikers' case.

Monday Nov 24 to Friday Nov 28:
  • @ 12:30 distribution of leaflets on the case outside travel agencies accross the city center. Meet outside Thomas Cook on Briggade, opposite Borders bookshop.
  • @ 18:00 meetings outside the Greek Consulate of Leeds. Meet at the Roundhay Fox pub, Roundhay Park (buses 12 and 2 from town).
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