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all power to you from the US people

thistle XX | 20.11.2003 23:23 | Bush 2003

this IS what democracy looks like

YOU are what REAL democracy looks like

and this IS what democracy looks like, feels like, sounds like, and smells like! yet what you are now catching a glimpse of when you see the snipers atop roofs, and the police shutting you down is the REAL power of imperial ameriKKKa. the real might of american EMPIRE exerting its influence around the world. the real violence of a state out of control.

this is the Project for the New American Century unfolding exactly as it’s orchestrators intended. and the associated oppression you are feeling is what the NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT in the us has been experiencing since the onslaught of the patriot act, and the weight of “homeland security” came on the heals of 9/11.

these are the acts of an administration which brought itself to power in a coup, so that a small elite can gain control of the earths last remaining resources by any means necessary.

Bush maybe the greatest danger for peace the earth has ever known, but behind him are even more insidious characters. WE, here in the US are fighting this. so PLEASE bear your brothers and sisters in the US in mind, we are large and we are vocal. however, just as the mainstream news does not present your voice to the american general public, the UK press appears to not show what is really emerging in the US. we have a real DEMOCRATIC movement for change here in the US, and we honor you today.

DIVERISTY & SOLIDARITY is our strength!

in the words of the ZAPATISTAS “democracia, libertad, justica, revolucion!”

peace from albuquerque, New Mexico – cradle of the nuclear weapons industry, and home to a budding vibrant PEACE & JUSTICE community.

thistle XX
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