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imc ggg in vancouver | 20.11.2003 16:24 | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation

we wish to hear and read and see reports of the protests in vancouver, canada, if you will please.

the content of reports on the protests against bush in london are minimal blips on television or non existent on the national radio in canada. we wish to read, hear and see accurate reports of the protests, please, in order to boost our morale and lend you support across the miles.
in solidarity,
the indymedia guerrilla grrl gang
in vancouver, canada
"words whack in lyrical attacks"

imc ggg in vancouver


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Where are you?

20.11.2003 17:01

Do you have access to a tv? CBC Newsworld are covering the London protests quite well. . . even commentary on Bush/Blair bullshit is tinged with irony and cynicism.

At this moment they're interviewing a Canadian protester at the anti-FTAA rally in Miami.

Fellow Canuck

varied reports in varying degrees of censorship

20.11.2003 20:52

we are in vancouver, bc, in canada. can't get newsworld, but heard that the reports are quick flashs of tuque and hoodie clad protestors interspersed with bobbies. getting more on the ftaa in florida where it looks violent. of course, getting more coverage of the embassy attack in turkey.
we need to hear it from london and florida to know the real story.

'bang bang bang, we say as we enter the fray with songs and prayers as the cops bop us can't stop us or shut us down bang bang bang score more for the poor when we march for more for liberty without a rocket's red glare for equality with the hateful gaze of the man's stare for fraternity for sistahs and brothas everywhere bang bang bang we say it ain't no hockey game when usa attacks iraq bang bang bang we gotta fight right back.'

a statement from the ***imc ggg*** in support of protests in london and florida.
the indymedia guerrilla grrls whack in lyrical attacks and swing in hot pink.

the ***imc ggg***