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Peace movement celebrated at City Hall

Roving Llama | 20.11.2003 09:53 | Bush 2003 | London

Peace movement leaders and celebrities gathered at Ken Livingstone's Living Room last night as Bush enjoyed his banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Viatnam veteran Ron Kovic was guest of honour at the peace reception, which London Mayor Ken Livingstone said he was glad to be able to spend 'a very tiny proportion' of his budget on - in fact most of the drink, nibbles and staff time had been donated for free.

Kovic gave a rousing speech to those present, saying that the British protests against the war had 'inspired the world' in February.

Many famous faces were present at the party including Damon Albarn, Alexei Sayle, Martin Bell and Roger Lloyd Pack. Pulp star Jarvis Cocker, present with his wife and baby, said that Bush's visit was an insult following public outcry at the war. He said: 'It's like rubbing our noses in shit'.

Many present compared the reception to a similar event on the eve of February 15's protest in which up to 2 million marchers made it the biggest in British history. As preparations continued for today's march, organisers hoped that November 20 would have a similar impact.

Roving Llama