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Thank You.. from sanfrancisco

Jamie Flaxman | 20.11.2003 08:51 | Analysis | London

I'm an American living in SanFrancisco. Just wanted to thank you for standing up to the man we never elected in the first place.
I've heard some Americans say, "wow, if the entire country of england is upset, maybe this war is a bad idea." Sad, but true.

God save the Americans

I live in sanfrancisco, california in the the US. I am sad to say, but this city is perhaps the most progressive city in the country and yet at least 1 in three people here still supports the war. It is considered un-cool to protest and most people don't even know that the war is still going on. The three day protest going on in England right now is amazing and refreshing. That would never happen here. Not in such magnatude not during the week. The last protest I attended here had at most, 8,000 people on a Sunday, marching through empty streets. Our protests are NEVER during the week...why that might block trafic, someone could hear the protests and become aware that something may be wrong. Further, NO ONE would dare miss work to speak up against their government here. But a three day, middle of the week protest, where you will actually be heard, restores my faith in humanity, not to mention the democratic process.

Thank you England!

Jamie Flaxman
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