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Jolly Good Mates, Let Him Have It! Cheers from 'merica!

Amerikun Made | 20.11.2003 05:39 | Bush 2003

Let them have it you blokes! Everybody hates a tyrant. I'm tippin' a couple pints of dark ale to y'all right now. Mmmm, yep, that ol' boy really had it commin' an' I guess you'all are a givin' it to him. You can tell ol' Tony Blair to go bugger himself for me. Yep, them ol' boys are really plannin' to put the meat to the rest of the world...yeehaw...we're gonna have a real sock puller now...hooeeee!

Hope that festival you all are havin'will make a difference. Sure looks like a lot of fun. Bet y'all are gonna party all night long at the local pubs then go at it again the next day.

Amerikun Made