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The new tradition of Bush-toppling

Tris | 19.11.2003 23:28 | Oxford

1000-2000 protesters rally in town to express disquiet over Bush's untimely visit to England.

Just a quick piece because there was nothing here already. I'm sure many people are on the verge of publishing much better articles (but are still busy protesting) so I shall be brief.
Thames Valley Police estimate around 1200 protesters marched and attended a rally on Cornmarket Street this evening. Some people put the figure at closer to 2000. Either way protesters marched from Oxford Brookes to meet another group waiting at The Plain and, enveloped in the excellent sounds of Samba, we marched enthusiastically up to Carfax where another group was waiting to topple the papier-mache effigy of George 'I-stole-the-presidency' Bush.
Most people seemed in high spirits, even the police were full of smiles and jokes (which is a welcome change to anyone who went on the pre-war demos). Incedentally, the police told me that the samba band was much better than on the demo they policed in Newbury a few days ago. After some street-theatre, Bush was duly toppled and then (despite some objections) crushed underfoot before being burnt alongside a US flag.
A small group spent their time telling everyone how great Bush was but were rather drowned out by everyone telling them to shut up so we could hear George Monbiot speak.
Several speakers addressed the enthusiatically vocal crowds, one point coming through above all others: we must keep on protesting. If parliment isn't hearing us, we have to make them see and feel our anger and dissappointment by getting out onto the streets and demonstrating.
Big plans for London tomorrow (Thursday).
Sorry, no pictures. Please post pictures up if you have them.
Thanks to all who came and took part and especially thanks to those who helped organise the event (you know who you are).



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Toppling statues of Bush

19.11.2003 23:44

After toppling a statue of Bush people should hit it with their shoe first.

Then it can be trampled underfoot and set on fire.