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Part of Bush Demo in Manchester - Video

Chris Edwards | 19.11.2003 23:04 | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression

Video clip of part of the 10,000 strong demo in Manchester on 19th Novemeber 2003.

To download and watch the video, go to:

Chris Edwards
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Dial up modem version of this clip

19.11.2003 23:53

The above clip is 5MB in size and should be downloadable by dial-up modem users, although it will take around 30 minutes.

There is also a lower quality version of this clip which can be immediately streamed by dial-up modem users at:

Chris Edwards


20.11.2003 00:42

10,000? How was that estimated? I'm not so sure it was that many.


Video format

20.11.2003 14:19

Any chance of any other formats for the video (mpeg, quicktime)? RealPlayer and other Real products are not exactly the most privacy-friendly applications on the planet..


Real Alternative

20.11.2003 18:38

As an alternative to RealOne Player, try "Real Alternative Player" from playing realmedia files without all the privacy infringement crap. Available free at:


Quicktime version of this clip

21.11.2003 00:10

For a QuickTime version of this clip, go to:

Chris Edwards


21.11.2003 00:28

Pix from the 9.11.03 demo in Manchester.

[images deleted on behalf of the poster
they will be reposted in a compressed format]

Chris Edwards

Another pic

21.11.2003 00:34

Blood red fountain in Albert Square
Blood red fountain in Albert Square

One more pic.

Chris Edwards


27.11.2003 00:29

Thanks for removing the pics as requested. I am reposting them in smaller file sizes in another newswire item.

Chris Edwards