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Students Occupy!

M11 Collective | 18.11.2003 20:37 | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

Students occupy UCL

Just after 5pm 200 students occupied the large Jeremy Bentham room at University College London. It is being used as a base for the upcoming anti-Bush actions. The atmosphere is currently carnivalesque with people watching videos, making banners, holding discussions and chilling out. People are free to come and go/use the occupied zone as sleeping quarters.
in solidarity
M11 Collective
'Rewake the spirit of '68'

M11 Collective
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Nice one :)

18.11.2003 21:59

Excellent! I'm glad...



18.11.2003 22:36

Well Done UCL!!
Alan Hill
UCL Occupier 1998-2001!


What a waste of time

19.11.2003 23:33

These idiots are not acting in the interests of UCL. if they genuinely cared about tuition fees, they would realise that this policy is not decided by UCL, but by the government and that UCL cannot exist unless they follow government laws and continue to receive funding.

All these idiots do is cause wreck and havoc - they leave the place in a mess and cause disruption.

Think about what yo are doing and what exactly you hope to achieve? Party at UCL? Do it in the Union. Grow up.

Mark F