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Bush Toppled by Peace Campaigners

IMC mcr | 18.11.2003 11:53 | Anti-militarism

The state visit of George Bush has been greeted with an outbreak of anti-Bush sentiment in and around Greater Manchester.

On the 9th November an effigy of the US President was symbolically toppled from Stoodley Pike, a famous local hill top landmark and a monument to peace in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, creating a dramatic representation of the chasm existing between a just peace and George W Bush’s policy of war.

Chester held its own welcoming committee for the President un-elect, complete with a seven foot papier-mâché statue of Bush and a list of 20 indictments against the man. The two hundred person crowd cheered as the statue was toppled before Chester’s town hall at the end of the hour long protest.

In Manchester, as Bush was being entertained in Buckingham Palace, there were pickets of Esso Petrol stations, a lunchtime rally in the Peace gardens and more than 2,000 went on a teatime march.
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