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Police Filmed Returning ESF Visitors at Waterloo

watcher | 18.11.2003 11:14 | European Social Forum | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression | London

surveillance society...


After a very pleasant afternoon admiring the architecture of the Paris office of the communist party - I can't find any piccies online, but this is the sort of thing Niemeyer does - it was home time.

A tense atmosphere soon built on the train, not least from the fact that all the seats allotted to the 100 or so activists had been TRIPLE booked by Eurostar, leaving a lot of people standing for two-and-a-half hours. It quickly went around that there was a large police and special branch presence awaiting the train at Waterloo, who would be filming and photographing everyone disembarking.

The British ESF contingent struck up a rendition of "We all live in a terrorist regime, a terrorist regime, a terrorist regime" to rouse their spirits.

There was no way of ducking the cameras, we had to grin and bear it.



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18.11.2003 14:39

Ta! The guardian blog was good:-,9061,1083473,00.html

And the security returning to the country serious. Several video cameras catching everyone as they entered the country.

Two passport checks, and numberous people pulled to one side for a chat. I do hope the US Citizen just behind me - who was pulled to one side - got through... evidently they don't trust those Americans ;-)


Call to any who were filmed to write an official complaint to the police?

18.11.2003 17:57

I think we have to keep complaining that this infringes civil liberties, and send copies of letters to the civil liberties groups, and MPs etc. Can't just "grin and bear" it.

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