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TRASH OUR TOXIC TEXAN - By a Loyal American

Clayton Hallmark | 17.11.2003 22:54 | Anti-militarism | London

AS AN AMERICAN, I hope you "dis" our Toxic Texan, the fraudulent President George W. Bush. If you are a true friend of America, you will take your lead from the grandmother who scaled the fence at Buckingham Palace and the thousands who are marching for decency and against the Bush-Blair Axis of Evil. This is as important to Americans as it is to you. We are watching your nation and hope that you display your loyalty to us rather than to G.W. Bush.

AS AN AMERICAN, I sincerely hope you support your true friends in America, who oppose this unelected fraudulent president. George Bush is a war monger who has drawn your great, proud nation into his personal war, with the disgraceful collaboration of your prime minister.

The visit is an UNPRECEDENTED AFFRONT BY AN AMERICAN AGAINST YOUR COUNTRY, for two reasons. It is the first official state visit by a US president. Unfortunately, the second reason, it is by an unelected, illegitimate interloper, who famously stole the 2000 presidential election with the help of his brother, the governor of Florida, and an ideological, reactionary US Supreme Court.

George Bush is the head of a great American crime family, the Bushes of Maine and Texas. He is a war criminal who deserves to be driven from your land in disgrace - certainly not to be honored. To honor Bush is to dishonor America, the American people, our heritage, UK and American soldiers, and victims of the Iraq war.

I used to think the Iraq war was about stealing oil, protecting Israel, and dominating the Middle East. Now I believe that it has a more immediate goal of distracting the American electorate from the economic and social problems that Bush is exacerbating. Apparently Tony Blair is willing to go to the brink of political suicide to save Bush's political hide. Maybe you know why. If so, I would like to know.

We once sent King George packing. I hope you do the same thing, with civil disobedience, million-person marches, and whatever it takes. You will be doing Americans a favor as well as yourselves. The American people are watching to see if you are as subservient as your leader.

Bravo to the grandmother arrested at Buckingham Palace and all of the tens of thousands who have "unwelcomed" Bush so far. Whatever you do, do it remembering the thousands of Iraqis killed, dismembered, maimed, and terrorized by Bush's "shock and awe" campaign. I hope you will be able to shock and awe him and his supporters in the UK and US.

Clayton Hallmark


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17.11.2003 23:34

Send a message to mass murderer bLiar.

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