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where are you when people need you?

sarah | 16.11.2003 01:21 | Thessaloniki EU | Indymedia | London

where was everyone for the thessalonika protest in london today (sat 15th)?t

An action was called for 1pm at Conduit Street in London today, in support of Simon Chapman
and the other Thessaloniki hunger strikers, who are now very ill in hospital. The few who turned
up went along to the Greek ambassador's residence in Upper Brook Street, as we had done last
Saturday. By 1.35 there were still only 5 people there for the action, so we left, as only 2 of us
had anything to make a noise with. It may be that other people turned up later, but if the call is
1pm, is it too much to ask for people to be there, when activists' lives are utterly at risk. It could
happen to any of us. Where is everyone?



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