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Roaming Street Party on Wednesday 19th November | 14.11.2003 16:18 | Bush 2003 | London

The idea of a roaming street party to 'welcome' George Bush to our capital city has been met with a lot of enthusiasm; so here are the details.

We intend to meet at 12 noon on Wednesday 19th November, on Malet Street...just outside the University of London Union (ULU). From there, we will move around London, raising awareness of just how happy everyone should be that a climate-changing, mass-murdering, treaty-breaking war criminal is in town. In opposition to his band of black-suited Secret Service men and military guards, we're going to be festive, loud and passionate... come dressed in pink and silver if you can, but most of all, bring a sense of humour, a sense of militancy, and all your friends!

We've already got clowns, sambistas and jugglers turning up...but anyone with any eye-catching skills should feel free to showcase them... this is a moving street party! We need everyone to get involved... this is a participatory event, and nothing is going to be done 'for you'. If you have an idea that you think will work, make it happen. This party will be as lively and as vibrant as WE make it.

We also want to highlight another event that will be happening later in the day; a picket of the ESSO building on the Aldwych, near to the London School of Economics. At 4.30 pm a crowd will be gathering to explain to the employees of ESSO and assembled media exactly why the ties between George Bush and big oil are so strong...and why ESSO is one of the powers behind the throne of an idiotic, dangerous President. Please come along and make your feelings known...

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  1. We will just get penned in — Anarchist
  2. the force is with us! — obias