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Bemused Oxford shoppers meet with walls and checkpoints

societelibre | 11.11.2003 13:13 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | Oxford

On the 9th of November, as part of the international day of protest and action against Israel's 'security wall', protesters in Oxford (wearing huge white cardboard boxes on their heads) attempted to give the local weekend shoppers a glimpse of life in occupied Palestine.

People gave leaflets, talked to people and shouted slogans. The 'wall' was seen making its way through the Westgate and Clarendon shopping centres - to the annoyance of security guards, culminating by a walk down Cornmarket and a visit to Marks and Spencer's. Finally, a 'checkpoint' was built on a nearby (pedestrianised) street, until the 'soldier' announced he was taking the 'prisoners' into custody and the wall was taken apart and dumped in a nearby bin. If only the real thing was as easily dealt with...

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Hopefully more pictures will be published soon... please publish them if you took some!



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