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Norwich Anarchists action tomorrow Sat 8th November

Baloo | 07.11.2003 16:30 | Indymedia | London | World

Solidarity action with Salonika prisoners

From 10am tomorrow until 10am Sunday activists will be holding a 24hr protest and solidarity hunger strike with our comrades in Greece. This will be held outside Norwich City Hall. We have been there everyday this week and this is the finish of our first week of solidarity action. Please bring friends, music etc, etc...although some of us will be hungerstriking ( of course anyone can join this ) the rest of you are encouraged to eat, drink and be merry in the name of giving the capitalist scum a good kick in the arse and building up the prisoners profile to a degree they cannot be ignored.

The events and the seriousness of the situation in the Greek jails for the Salonika 7 and prisoners everywhere cannot be understated so please join us...

They're inside for us...we're outside for them!

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