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Urgent Update from Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki prisoner support group | 05.11.2003 12:06 | Thessaloniki EU | London | World

Hunger strikers in critical condition, Carlos Martinez tortured in hospital.

Update from Thessaloniki - Wednesday 5th November

- For the last week, all 5 hunger strikers have been requesting admittance to hospital. This is for the reason that if they go to hospital but still refuse food, glucose, vitamins etc, the hospital should refuse to take legal responsibility for them which is very serious. The prison should then also refuse to take legal responsibility for them and they should be released. However the police have refused to allow them to be admitted to hospital, and apparently they have authority in this matter, rather than the prison.

- On Monday night - 3rd November, Carlos Martinez - one of the 2 Spanish hunger strikers - was taken to a hospital 8km outside Thessaloniki, by an entourage of about 50 police, some wearing balaclavas. On arrival at the hospital he was not given a bed, but put in a chair with his hands tied behind his back, where he was beaten by the police. Throughout the night, while he tried to sleep, Carlos was continually beaten and kicked by police. His body and legs are covered in marks and bruises.

- Early on Tuesday morning Carlos was moved to another hospital. Nobody was informed of his whereabouts. In the hospital he was not given a translator. Doctors tried to take blood from him, but thinking they were trying to forcibly inject glucose, he refused. The doctors said that he he refused to accept tests, they could do nothing for him.

- At 11.30 on Tuesday morning, the support group in Thessaloniki found out where Carlos was, and a demonstration was held outside the hospital. Carlos' lawyer tried to get access to him, and after several hours was allowed to speak to him, and received the above information.

- Carlos was returned to prison at 2pm on Tuesday, where he has since been seen by his doctor from the independent medical team.

- All of the prisoners are in critical health and very weak. Sulieman Dakduk, the Syrian, is unable to move from his bed. Simon Chapman is unable to sleep. Fernando Perez is passing blood.

- Demonstrations will take place in Thessaloniki on Friday and in Athens on Saturday.

- There will be a solidarity demo in London on Saturday from 11-1pm outside the Greek Tourist office & Olympic airlines in Conduit St, London W1. Please plan solidarity actions wherevr you live.

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