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Thessaloniki Prisoners Solidarity Action in Barcelona

solidarity | 04.11.2003 14:08 | Repression | World

70 Metro entrances were sealed with a combination of silicone gel and the fitting of ill fitted keys to the locks yesterday 03 November 2003 in Barcelona.

Original article in Indymedia Barcelona:

Two people Oriol and Marianne were arrested for "obstructing a Metro".
The soldarity action was supported by the same slogan posters as in the illustration above and was reported via the Spanish News Agency in mainstream national press and TV, Radio channels.

Lots of people (formerly working class as much as formerly middle class) arrived late to work, and many more took advantage of what is often deemed "chaos" to _not go to work_ which the first day after the Haloween Weekend could have been quite welcome.
You can do this in your city if you have a Metro, though it might be called an underground.
no matter same thing.

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