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Albright Visit In Oxford Disrupted By Protests

c_m | 30.10.2003 13:55 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

Madeleine Albright, former American Secretary of State, who (amongst many other things) presided over genocidal sanctions in Iraq, had her speaking and booksigning tour disrupted in Oxford by a variety of actions and protests.

Pickets, vigils, leaflets, banners, die-ins, debating, heckling, poetry, binbag barricades, sit-downs and cacerolazo (pots + pans) all combined beautifully, causing her to meet huge opposition, especially inside Borders (the bookshop) and be delayed 40-60 min for her talk at the Oxford Union (elitist debating society).

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posters and pots and pans inside Borders
posters and pots and pans inside Borders