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THESSALONIKI 7 solidarity demo at the greek embassy.

GUIDO | 27.10.2003 19:19 | Thessaloniki EU | London | World

Support for the hungerstrikers.

The Greek Embassy in london was visited today by supporters of Simon Chapman and six other people imrisoned in Greece after Riot Police attacked demonstraters outside the EU Summit in June. Five of the prisoners are now on hungerstrike.

Spriros Tsitsas has now been without food for 20 days.
Simon, Carlos Martinez and Fernando Perez for 23 days.
Suleiman Dakduk for 37 days.

Donations to the campaign for their immediate release can be sent to BM AUTOMATIC, LONDON, WCIN 3XX, UK. For more links or to get involved email:

- e-mail:


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  1. solidarity — suicide bombing is not fluffy
  2. Nice one — Col Buendia