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Thessaloniki Prisoner Update - Oct. 23rd

Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity Campaign | 24.10.2003 04:26 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression

Update on Hunger Strikers and solidarity actions

Hunger Strikers:

Suleiman "Castro" Dakduk from September 21st
Carlos Martinez, Fernando Perez & Simon Chapman from October 5th
Spiros Tsistas from October 8th

The Hunger Stike Continues......

A medical team has been checking up on the hunger strikers. As can been expected, most of them have lost around a stone and half each in weight but their spirits are high and we are in direct contact with Simon everyday. Castro is doing well though has suffered with headaches. He is now in his 31st day of hunger strike. Demonstrations have been organised around Greece as well as an art exhibition of Castro's work. Below is a list of Actions and Events from Greece:

Around noon yesterday (October 9th), up to 50 anarchists burst into the Macedonian Press Agency offices, cut the power and hung up a banner calling for the suspects’ release.

About an hour later some 30 youths invaded the Radio Crete offices in
Iraklion, interrupted the program and read a statement in support of the seven.

There was a demo last night (October 16th) at 19:00 in central Athens by anti-authoritative and anarchist groups. There were also some groups which oppose the state terrorism and display solidarity to the political prisoners. These groups have a left background. Basically, the demo took place because of the trials (the “17TH of November” trial and the case of the 7 prisoners). There were 1500-2000 persons, 2/3 anarchists and 1/3 from the left.

In Thessaloniki, there are some events which host Castro’s paintings.

On Crete (Heraklion) there is an event with video screens which will
inform people about the case of the 7, on Monday.

A rally with motorbikes was organised on October 21st in Thessaloniki.


Thessaloniki Prisoner Support Campaign have produced 5,000 colour leaflets describing the background and events of the EU summit in Thessaloniki as well as detailing Simon Chapman's case. 5,000 postcard have also been produced, addressed to the ambassador of Greece.

These will be available at the Thessaloniki Prisoner Support Stall at the Anarchist Bookfair in London.

A meeting has also been organised for the Bookfair for 1pm in Room 3B.
Demonstration at Greek Embassy - Monday October 27th.

Two demonstrations at the Greek Embassy have called for Monday October
27th. The first will start at 12noon until 2pm and the second at 4pm until 7pm. This demonstration has been called by the Thessaloniki Prisoner Support Group and will coincide with Simon's, Carlo's and Fernando's start of the fourth week of their hunger strike. We ask all supporters to come down for at least one the two demonstrations:
Embassy of Greece
1A Holland Park
London, W11 3TP

(Directions: Exit Holland Park Tube on the central line, cross the road, turn left then first right. Straight down the road until you see the Greek flag)

Thessaloniki Prisoner Solidarity Campaign
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