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St.Agnes Place Update

Companero | 23.10.2003 20:43 | Free Spaces | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London | World

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The street is very busy right now. People are trying to get as many of their belongings to a safe place as possible. The heavy rain earlier has slowed everything down and the residents are having to work on into the night. Sadly one of the older residents suffered a heart attack last night. Onto happier news, St Agnes's very own station WirelessFM is live right now with the J P Murphy ROCKS !!! and will be staying on line throughout the evictions.

This website will be updated regularly with bulletins so keep checking back. Please feel free to publish these bulletins far and wide.
click on the wirelessFM link on the home page to tune in to the radio.....also you can watch the film of the story of st agnes place by clicking on the film will need real player, link to download available



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Spyware free version of Real Player

23.10.2003 22:06

I hate Real One Player, it's a big program and it's plagued with spyware. But you can get hold of real player 8 without the spyware, it's half the size of real one and works alot better.
You can get download this version of real player for Free! from.....


There's an even less commercial real player

30.10.2003 19:07

Real player is the absolute pits and it's sad that the BBC site and other news agencies use it so extensively for their archive of audio and video clips. Few people seem to be aware that in it's default state Realplayer reports back to Real Networks every file that you play with it. The older version of real player described above is likely to still bombard you with junk adverts and other on screen clutter. The good news is that someone has created a completely free, ad, spy and screen junk free alternative. Be sure to completely uninstall your real realplayer first. There's also a quicktime alternative and a video player called Videolan which claims to play just about any video file format downloadable for free from here.

- Homepage:

Hang on lets not forget our m8 Rob

30.11.2005 22:45

hang on, didn't Rob Glaser of Real Networks donate indymedia lots of start up money?

and its not real one player no more, lol. If u choose not to use real player 10 there are alternatives like real 8 etc that still work, or real alternative which you can find here


Real Player Alternative

04.12.2005 13:38

You can download a Real Player Alternative, as well as a Quicktime Alternative here:
Much better all round as they are free of the usual spy/malware.