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Another Europe is possible!

IMC-UK | 11.12.2001 23:00 | Brussels | Globalisation | World

Belgium, which has just come to the end of its six-month EU presidency, hosted a crucial inter-governmental conference in Laeken between 13-15 December. EU leaders met to discuss a draft of a European constitution, enlargements of the Union to the East and common policies on privatisation, asylum, unemployment, security, surveillance and definitions of 'terrorism'. Full story, Background and events.
For up-to date information and reports see Indymedia-Belgium.
Radio Bruxxel will bring you the voices of the street, in-depth coverage of the issues and updates on events to come. Listen here | Broadcast schedule.

Latest Information about EU protests in Brussels:
Sat 15th:
- 10.30pm: A people's live gig with bands from Belgium, France and Spain is under way. Live streaming from Radio Bruxxel.
- 6.50: Street party in Porte de Hal is being called off due to increasing police pressure.
- 6.40: Reports of police activity in the streets around the party. Confirmed reports of people being harrassed and arrested in the streets nearby. So far 34 people are confirmed to be detained in today's actions.
- 6.20: Confirmed reports of people identifying some 15 undercover police wearing black clothes and balaclavas amongst the party crowd. People have pushed them away and surrounded them in a street corner. The atmosphere became tense while riot police turned up to rescue the infiltrators and left the scene with them.
- 5.45: People have reclaimed the streets and the diverse street party has now arrived, in excellent spirits, at Porte de Hal. The crowd is still raving in the street to a sound-system, live bands and samba-drumming, and celebrating the fact that the riot police seems to have backed off.
- 5.25: The street party got through the police blockade collectively, and is now moving to its final destination in Porte de Hal. The crowd advances very slowly as riot police seem not to be in the same party mood.
- 5.00: Riot police have now surrounded the 4,000-strong crowd and are blocking people in. Tension is growing but the party continues. Some negotiations with the police are taking place.
- 4.45: The street party has now stopped in a junction in the back streets of central Brussels. Large numbers of riot police have started to take positions surrounding the party. Some warnings have been given to the crowd, but people remain assertive of their right to demonstrate and continue to party.
- 4.30: The street party is still moving through central Brussels. Crowds are dancing to different sounds, and many local people are showing support by coming out of their windows and cheering the crowd. Riot police presence is increasing. Steet Party pics.
- 3.45: The street party has now set off from Zuidstation Midi and is moving around the back streets of central Brussels. Large numbers of police are following the crowd through parallel streets. The party is in full swing with a techno sound-system, a lorry with live bands playing and a large International Samba Collective drumming away.
- 3.15pm: Anarchist demo has arrived to Zuidstation Midi. Around 3,000-4,000 people have converged for the street party. Two sound-systems started playing some minutes ago, and people are ready to party, to celebrate that another Europe is possible!
- 2.45pm: People converging in Zuidstation Midi for the street party. Around 600 people are already dancing to the rhythms of the International Samba Collective. Two sound-systems are getting ready for this afternoon's fun.
- 2.00pm: Anarchist demo, 2,000 strong, is now under way, moving towards central Brussels. Police present in the streets around the march. Reports of undercover police trying to infiltrate the demo. So far no reports of confrontration or police violence.
- 12.30pm: A colourful and joyful Peace march is under way in Brussels. Up to 5,000 people are demonstrating in a carnival atmosphere with a sound-system and drumming bands. At 3.30pm people will converge on Zuidstation Midi for a street party.

Fri 14th:
- Round-up of the day
- 11.30pm: All but three of the 150-odd protesters arrested today have been released. The figure includes 120 people that were held earlier this evening during a protest in solidarity with those arrested in today's d14 demonstrations. Photo reports:1 | 2 | Video here.
- 7.25pm: Unconfirmed reports of police activity around IMC and Cinema Nova buildings.
- 5.15pm: The situation is now calmer in and around the Convergence centre. Police are still keeping the centre cordoned off and are only letting people out in small groups. An imc-uk reporter confirms that the people trapped inside the centre are keeping their spirits high with the help of a sound-system. It is still unclear what the final outcome of this situation will be - and whether people will be able to stay overnight.
- 4.00pm: Several thousand people are still inside the Convergence centre. Police have put up cordons around the centre, trapping people inside. Press are not allowed in; people inside are allowed to leave in small groups, only after being searched. Rhythms of Resistance report.
- 3.20pm: Police are using water cannons to attack people inside the Convergence centre area. Baton charges are continuing against people in the streets around it. The atmosphere is getting tense and fears of heavy police measures are mounting.
- 2.35pm: Police charges into Tour et Taxis.
- 2.15pm: The D14 international demonstration has now arrived back at the Convergence centre where it is starting to disperse. Police are present in force, armed with tear-gas, water cannons anad other riot gear. Several thousand people at the end of the march are currently being surrounded by the police, who are cutting off the streets around the Convergence centre. Fears of a police attack are mounting.
- 1.00pm: The international demonstration for "Another Europe and Another World" from Brussels to Laeken is under way. Around 25,000 people are marching in a carnival athmosphere. Several sound-systems and samba bands are present in the march. Reports that some property destruction has occured but police presence is very low-key at the moment.
D14 photo report: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
- A solidarity picket for Brussels protesters has been called for Monday 17th.

Thurs 13th:
- More than 100.000 people in the streets of Brussels against this anti-social Europe. Photos 1 | 2 | 3
- Drummers from UK Rhythms of Resistance samba band arrived in Brussels.
- Police raided a new squat which had been set up last night for demonstrators. About 30 people were arrested and 20 escaped.
- Several buses travelling to Brussels were stopped at the Belgian border near Aachen/Germany. The German border police (BGS) has now set up a checkpoint consisting of several tents and police vans.

Wed 12th:
- Activists promoting a different globalisation occupy Brussels headquarters of CEFIC, the European lobby group of the chemical industry. Photos.
- The occupation ended with the arrest of 50 protesters.
- On Wednesday evening a solidarity demo with the prisoners of the occupation took place.

Indymedia Radio London special program.
Listen interviews and reports about the issues behind the protests:
- Introduction.
- Interview with Amnesty.
- Interview with a Hackney activist.
- Interview with and activist of No Border network.
- Interview with an activist from the Spanish State.
- Interview with Statewatch.
- Interview with Tony Blair :)
- Rebel music selection.
- The whole programme. 50:04 minutes 45.7 MB.

Practical details - travel, weather etc / Your rights at Belgium's borders

Several days of action, discussion and protest are taking place in Aachen, Germany, this week, culminating in an attempt to collectively cross the German-Belgium border on Friday morning to take part in the anti-EU protests in Brussels.Full story
Latest from Aachen:
Fri 14th:
- The participants of the 3-day Aachen counter-conference have managed to outwit 3000 border police by spontaneously taking the train, and not the bus.Report.

Thurs 13th:
- Situation at the German-Belgian border near Aachen. Full report.
More info on Indymedia-Germany