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Four Anti Capitalist Prisoners On Hunger Strike In Greek Prison

elanor | 10.10.2003 02:52 | World

Four of the prisoners fitted up by the Greek pollice at demos against the EU summit in Thessaloniki, Greece in June are now on hungerstike.

Kastro Dakduk, a Syrian living in Greece, started his hungerstike on 21st of September in protest at plans to deport him back to Syria where his life is in danger due to persection for his political beliefs and activities. He has now gone 14 days without food.

ON the 5th october, 3 other prisoners, arrested at the same time on similar charges, joined the hungerstrike in solidarity with Kastro.

They are Fernando Perez Gorraiz, Carlos Martin Martinez (both from spain) and Simon Chapman from Great Britain.

Please show your solidarity by writing letters of support to the hungerstikers at:

Kratoumeno (insert prisoners name here)
Dikastikes Flylakes Diavaton
T.K 540 12

Please send letters of protest to-

Greek Ambassador to the UK
Embassy of Greece
1A Holland Park
London W11 3TP
(Ask to be sent a reply)

There will be a rally outside the embassy on 27th October 12 till 2 and 4 till 7



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Simon Chapman Thessaloniki 8 Greece

15.10.2003 10:44

Simon & the others fitted up by the police in Greece, we should all boycott anything to do with Greece until all our friends are returned to us safely.

Many of us are doing little things for our friends banged up in Greece, I myself am doing drama workshops at Eton Mission in Hackney every Tuesday evening where half the proceeds are given to keep the pressure on for Simon & his fellow prisoners, everyone is welcome to attend 7.30pm til 10pm £3.00 for those out of work £4.00 for those employed, contact Eton Mission for further details on 0208 986 7966 ask about Patrick's class notorious heckler theatre.

Wishing you all well.

Patrick McCrudden

Patrick McCrudden
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- Homepage: http://Not up yet ,working on it

Spyros Tsitsas

21.10.2003 17:37

There is also a fifth prisoner that is on hunger strike for 14 days now,Spyros Tsitsas from Greece.A bit more solidarity guys want harm


UK wide Graffitti campaign (FREE SIMON CHAPMAN)

29.10.2003 17:02

A graffitti campaign should be started quickly (FREE SIMON CHAPMAN) with the Thessoloniki 7 website address under it, this seemed to have worked well in the 1970s for George Davis, I know some are talking about it so I've been busy sending e,mails to various groups around the UK for there support in doing just that.
I may not have been at meetings recently, but I hoped you wouldn't mind me doing this one little thing on behalf of Simon and those banged up in Greece?
I understand a delegation will be going to Greece in the near future, I wish those people the very best of luck, I will be thinking of you all and hope that what has happened to Simon and the others doesn't happen to anyone else while they are over there, I hope all goes well and hope we here in London won't have to start similar campaigns for those of you going to Greece which we will do if those thuggish police there decide to fit you all up also.
I sincerely wish that you bring Simon home and that the others are released so they can return to their loved ones and family.

Good Luck to you all.

The Heckler...........

The Heckler
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