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Jonny Barton reaches Sheffield

Sheffield samba | 09.10.2003 18:08 | Bio-technology | Sheffield

Jonny Barton reached the steps of Sheffield Town Hall at 6.15 pm Thursday, October 9th.

Jonny is on an anti-GM pilgrimage from Inverness to London.

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Sheffield city centre echoed to the sound of Sheffield Samba Band welcoming Jonny to the city this evening.

Earlier in the day Jonny had experienced problems with one knee while cycling; this delayed his arrival in Sheffield today. It is not clear whether Jonny will be able to stick to his timetable to arrive with bike and coffin in London on Monday. He will seek medical advice in Sheffield and may be looking for someone else willing to take over the bike ride while he travels without it, maybe joining a walk from Cambridge.

Sheffield samba