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Anti-GM activists off their trolleys?

mike+kyra | 05.10.2003 16:34 | Bio-technology | Ecology | Health | London

On Saturday 4th October 2003, anti-GM activists set off from Totnes in Devon to cycle to London for the Tractor + Trolley event on Monday 13th October, on a bike ride that will take them via several GM-related locations, spreading the word that the majority of the British public do not want GM crops in the UK.

On Monday 13th October, farmers, consumers and campaigners will converge on London for a mass Tractor and Trolley action to demonstrate a consensus between all those who say no to GM (and judging by the outcome of the 'GM Nation?' exercise, thats practically everybody). This event was planned by the Five Year Freeze, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, GeneWatch UK, GMFree Cymru and others.

According to the website,, the event will be fun, peaceful and good-humoured: "Led by tractors and accompanied by samba and ceilidh bands, hundreds of people will push decorated trolleys full of GM-free produce along a route that passes DEFRA, 10 Downing Street and the National Farmers Union. The parade will stop off at each venue to hand in messages of opposition to GM crops."

Whilst the cyclists in Totnes prepared to set off, other Totnes residents queued up to sign pledges asserting that, should the government press ahead with GM, in the face of clear and widespread public opposition, they will take action, or will support those who will take action to pull up GM crops.

Whilst the GM producers have significant budgets to promote their frankenstein food and to attempt to allay public fears, the recent 'GM Nation?' 'debate' has shown that the vast majority of British people do not want GM. As one pledge signer in Totnes said, "now, not only do we each know we're concerned about the risks of GM, we know that everyone else is too, and something must be done to stop it."

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