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Thousands demonstrate in Barcelona in defense of squatted Social Centres

maqui | 04.10.2003 18:56 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

The first international squatters demonstration in history is taking place today Saturday 4th October in downtown Barcelona. This demonstration is part of the "Forthnight of Struggle" called by the Squatters Assembly of Barcelona, to defend the city's occupied social centres and autonomous spaces, as well as against the property speculation that Barcelona is currently going through due to the upcoming Forum2004 - a 6 months long series of official cellebrations, and corporate funded gentrification of some seafront areas of the city.

Sat 4th October

The international demonstation against evictions and property speculation is taking place in downton Barcelona under heavy police presence. Between 3 and 5,000 people (with a bycicle critical mass in front) are marching behind a banner that reads "in defense of liberated spaces and against evictions". Another big banner states: "evictons, torture ... if this is your peace we declare war on you". People from all over the Spanish State have travelled to Barcelona to join the march, as well as people from Holland, France, Germany and Italy (imc-barcelona reports). Some demonstrators have engaged in a series of actions and performances that have taken place along the march. These have included: the hanging or huge banners from official buidings, throwing fireworks, bringing in a sound system, graffity to banks and shopping malls, throwing red paint onto the Court buidling and the occupation of an old supermarket near Las Ramblas.

For up to the minute information see:
La Haine(esp).

Also for further and background info in english see feature in IMC-UK World page.

Whilst all this goes on in Barcelona, activists in Holland are mobilising to defend from eviction the oldest squat of the country. The "Blauwe Aanslag" in The Hague is a former tax office that has been open for the past 23 years, grewing into a vibrant D.I.Y. living-working environment containing a concerthall, cinema, food-kitchen, professional offset printingplant as well as livingspace for more than 70 people. But on Friday 3rd October, and after a long judicial procedure, a judge decided that the squat can be demolished… The eviction has started [Report | Pics | Squat's history]



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Update - Links and Pics of Squatters Demo in Barcelona

05.10.2003 18:14

Front squatters demo - Barcelona 4/10
Front squatters demo - Barcelona 4/10

Lorry with sound system - squatters demo Barcelona 4/10
Lorry with sound system - squatters demo Barcelona 4/10

View of squatters demo - Barcelona 4/10
View of squatters demo - Barcelona 4/10

Here there are some links and photos of the demonstration that took place yesterday in Barcelona in defense of the autonomous squatted social centres, and against property speculation and gentrificaton of many areas of the city.

- Photos:

- Report in English:

- Video:

- Timeline of Events (Spanish & Catalan):

- Homepage: