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Chemical Kelly and Comical Kay

ram | 03.10.2003 20:41 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression

"Dr. Kelly had worked for MI6, the CIA, the United Nations and UNSCOM. He had security clearance at the highest level and was authorized to speak to the media on WMD which in fact he had been doing throughout 2002. He was due to return to Iraq later in July to join the special coalition team headed by CIA adviser Dr. David Kay that began scouring Iraq in June for evidence of Saddam’s illegal weapons programs. " -- Debka File, August 16, 2003, 1:13 PM (GMT+02:00)

I know I know Debka is a dodgy source and I am quoting the devil ......I am sure they left out Mossad and all.
Still just imagine our own chemical Kelly did not get credit for today's interim report and get that Nobel prize!

Smell it?

Here are some more tips
The ex CIA stooge turned weapons inspector, comical Kay

The complete looser who tried to play ball with the 'forces of darkness', chemical Kelly

[Note to IMC censor: This article is an analysis relevant to recent news upon which more innocents are being prepared to be slaughtered in the millions. So stop deleting it, OK?]



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I agree ram

03.10.2003 21:41

Keep the Kelly thing alive, or you've just been had by the Hutton freemasons. This affair runs deep and murky - which was why they had to have an inquiry - to muddy it all up



03.10.2003 21:55

Now the Tories want another inquiry into the reasons for going to war, the outcome of which will be "mistakes have been made, lessons have been learned" - I want an inquiry into why inquiries are distracting people from the Globalist's continuing subterfuge and genocide?


I am not too sure about this

03.10.2003 23:24

If there is a case on hold then no one within the jurisdiction is allowed to come up with accusations etc. -- This would be contempt of court. Big shit stuff.

Israeli Debka file is OK though. As much as they can kidnap people from within our jurisdiction they may do anything and I think I have been playing safe quoting the Israelis.

But the point to note is until high pigship comes out with a verdict it is not like questioning or criticising the humble coroner.


Typical Mossad, leaving out the best bit

04.10.2003 16:23

Debka is just Junior Mossad, totally unreliable, and definitely inferior to liberal Israeli publishers like Ha'aretz.

Still, Dr Kelly's CV is broadly accurate, except that it forgot to mention that Kelly was a big cheese at Porton Down, where the UK develops its own toxic weapons -

and tests them on British citizens

Kelly was at the heart of a very, very sinister beast.

Auntie Beeb