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Private 'police' plan

Ad Nauseum | 02.10.2003 09:57 | Free Spaces | Repression | Liverpool

An area of Liverpool stretching from Hanover Street to The Strand will be policed by a private force known as 'quarter masters', the public inquiry into Liverpool's biggest ever redevelopment heard yesterday.

Liverpool City Council was defending the privatisation of 35 public rights of way as it seeks a series of compulsory purchase orders (CP0s) to enable the £750m redevelopment of the Paradise Street area.

Day nine of the inquiry saw fierce criticism of the scheme from the Open Spaces Society, which campaigns for more public space.

Their local correspondent, Donald Lee, said: "We oppose the wholesale extinguishment of public rights of way on foot to be replaced by a series of so-called 'public realm' routes that are nothing more than permitted ways under the control of private management.

"When I queried with city council officials as to why the new routes could not be dedicated as public rights of way, so thus allowing the Society to withdraw its objection, it was explained to me that the developers and the council needed to be in a position 'to control and exclude the riff- raff element'."

But Peter Mynors, consultant for the Symonds Group, who are working with the council, said he had learnt from trips to the USA what people wanted from cities.

He said: "In North America there has been a drift towards the managed environments of shopping malls and the city centres have died. What we want to do is create a managed environment in the city centre so that we don't get that drift."

When Mr Lee asked Mr Mynors who would be responsible for policing the streets, Mr Mynors said: "It would be similar to what happens in a conventional shopping centre, with people called quarter masters."

The Mersey Design Group, who are objecting to the compulsory purchase of two of their buildings to make way for a bus station.

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