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news from the Okupe Phylum

ipsiphi | 30.09.2003 15:23 | Free Spaces

Today Kasa del Muntanya in Barcelona temporarily won time
from the Court System which wishes to evict it from it's space.
Quid pro Quo the concentration of resistance prescheduled for
the morning of Oct 2nd has been likewise postponed.
However the demonstration/manifestation called by the Assembly of Okupes, Barcelona shall still happen October 1st.

no-one can explain what this means to me.
no-one can explain what this means to me.

It is now several days into the fortnight period termed
"fight in defence of the free spaces and against urban speculation".

remember the underground map?
now it is important to remember that that pivotal piece of graphic design is not really a map. Many people your own writer included have made the mistake of arriving in London and thinking that the underground map is really a map. We know it is really only a figurative diagram. One witty englishman even went and wrote a series of novels based on the possibilities of a wizard travelling through time and space by means of the secret undergound stations. great stuff truly great stuff.

Anyway Judge number 6, remember the judges in Spain are numbered so they don't get lost and the helicopters can see them, has said more time for Kasa del Muntanyas.

Meanwhile the seminar days of info and chat chat and walk walk go on.
If you didn't get to BCN with your sleeping bag or van you can always make a useful contribution and sign a petition to save Les Naus.
read about Les NAus at
get the petition at
go to that link
download the petition.
print the petition.
sign the petition.
use biro not a crayon nor a pencil.
get other people to sign the petition.
put the petition when signed in an envelope.
put a stamp on the envelope.
remember it's your monarch show respect.
post the envelope to:
CSOA Les Naus
C/Allegre de Dalt 52.

look @

there are sqauts all over the world.
This planet offers all the natural resources you need.
Squat the planet.