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Vanunu kidnap revisited in manchester

Chris Edwards | 30.09.2003 15:13 | Repression | London

On 30th September 2003, a dramatised reconstruction of the kidnapping of the Israeli nuclear weapons whistle-blower, Mordechai Vanunu, was carried out by anti-war activists in Manchester, UK.

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The event was staged outside an Italian restaurant, Caffe Uno, opposite Manchester Town Hall, by members of Greater Manchester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

Vanunu was kidnapped in Rome in 1986 (hence the location of this reconstruction at Caffe Uno!) by Mossad agents and he has been imprisoned in Israel. He is still in jail.

The dramatised reconstruction was to commemeorate the 13th anniversary of Vanunu's kidnapping.

Manchester city councillor, Neil Swannick, a member the Labour Party and also of CND, agreed to play the part of Vanunu. Two CND members, dressed as rather sinister looking Mossad thugs in dark glasses, descended upon Swannick as he was taking early morning coffee outside the cafe in Albert Square. The two men grabbed Swannick and bundled him into a car which drove off at high speed.

Chris Edwards


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