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Bayer CropScience Targetted - Campaign Update

Stop Bayer's GM Crops Campaign | 29.09.2003 16:34 | Bio-technology | Ecology

The latest update & reports from the Stop Bayer's GM Crops campaign - targetting Bayer Cropscience and stopping all GM commercialisation in the UK.

In this update:

* 1st National Action
* Latest Action Reports
* News that Bayer's abandoning further trials
* Upcoming campaign events
* Link request
* West group get in touch

*** 1st National Action ***

The 1st national day of action against Bayer Cropscience went well even though the campaign's only been going a couple of weeks. Well done to everyone who went on the actions. You can see some of the reports at . If you know of an action that happened last week that hasn't been reported, no matter how small, please let us know at - remember that it's better that 2 people tell us than none! There'll be more national & regional days of action called, but you don't have to wait till they are!

*** Latest Action Reports ***

Bayer's Stall At 'Diary Event' Disrupted

Cambridge Director Targetted

Flag Raised At Widnes CropScience Plant

Armchair Activism

Another Attempt On Bayer In Cambridge

*** News ***

There was an article in The Observer on Sunday about how Bayer is alleging to not do further crop trails in the UK. Good news, but we've not won yet!! Read the article at .

*** Upcoming campaign events ***

Saturday 11th October

Monday 13th October
Electronic Blockade

More info at

If you want to advertise an action or event against Bayer
Cropscience, visit

*** Link request ***

If you (or someone you know) has a website please link to the campaign at . As well as helping new people find out about the campaign, it'll help "googlebomb" Bayer ie when someone searches for Bayer the campaign website'll come up high in the search results. Thanks!

*** West Group Get in Touch ***

And finally, Could someone who went on the action titled "Another Attempt On Bayer In Cambridge" please get in touch with the campaign - our PGP key is at . Thank you.

No GM! Stop Bayer's GM Crops!

Stop Bayer's GM Crops Campaign
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