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Johannesburg Earth Summit

indymedia | 31.08.2002 22:00 Earth Summit

Coverage of the Jo'burg Earth Summit.

Johannesburg Earth Summit

10 years after the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and the Johannesburg Earth Summit (aka The World Summit on Sustainable Development) is in full swing accompanied by an impressive mobilisation of alternative, independent, and radical information sources providing daily coverage.

For local daily coverage and breaking news check out South Africa IMC at

While many Indymedia websites are covering the summit in relation to their own local issues, the Indymedia Global portal is combining feature coverage in a special WSSD section at For further in depth coverage also see Climate Indymedia

The use of radio streaming continues to grow as different networks collaborate to provide several internet radio streams broadcasting coverage, comment and analysis throughout the summit:
*Diversity Radio - A grass roots collaboration between alternative and community media groups and campaigners. Listen to stream: here and here
*Global "Earth Radio" Community Radio - One of the largest community radio collaborations ever led by AMARC (World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters) + South Africa’s National Community Radio Forum. Stream Info at:
*Radio Earth Summit - FoE International and InterWorld Radio initiative. Listen to stream at:

Other new media initiatives include the launching of the Joburg2002 Media Pool an open platform collaboration between Indymedia, ASEED, Antenna and others in the Netherlands, and the launch of Planets-Voice global information platform and online-news-agency initiative by The International Federation of Environmental Journalists (IFEJ)

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More News: AfricaPulse : Greenpeace General : ECO Daily Paper : CCANET : CorpWatch : Debtchannel : EarthSummit Biz (greenwash) : Earthtimes : FoE : IISD : IPSnews : Oneworld : PeoplesEarthSummit : Simunye : SustainableAllAfrica Also see BBC WSSD section + Daily Web Blobgs from Greenpeace and The British Council sponsored DailySummit

Background Info: AMARC : APC : ASEED : CEO : CorporateWatch : FoE : IISD : Oneworld : ThirdWorldNetwork : Pambazuka : More Links : NGO Links
Official Sites: Official Summit Site : UN Earth Summit : South Africa's Summit site