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Tangle | 26.09.2003 11:59 | Bio-technology | Ecology | Liverpool

A group of protesters yesterday raised their own anti-GM flag at the Bayer CropScience factory in Widnes, to hammer home the message given by the British public in the government’s recent consultation – NO to GM crops in the UK!

The results of the “GM Nation” public consultation exercise were released yesterday and saw 9 out of 10 people saying they don’t want to eat GM food, that GM crops will damage our environment and that the companies pushing GM are doing it purely for their own profit. Bayer CropScience owns all the varieties set to become Britain’s first commercial GM crops – and its Chief Exec also chairs the Agricultural Biotechnology Council (ABC), is a member of the Agriculture & Environment Biotechnology Commission (AEBC) and was on the expert panel for the Prime Minister's strategy unit that looked at the costs and benefits of GM crops*.

One of the protesters, Lucy Watson said, “The GM Nation report stated that a vast majority of the respondents do not trust the government or government experts – and it’s obvious why that is, when those experts & advisors stand to make millions out of this technology”.

The protest was part of an ongoing campaign to force Bayer CropScience to pull out of GM commercialisation in the UK and the protestors promised frequent visits this site and other Bayer sites around the country.

For further information and updates on recent actions, see the Target Bayer web-site:

* Paul Rylett, see



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