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Mayday 01 corporate media coverage (01-11Apr)

indymedia | 11.04.2001 22:00 | May Day 2001

Mainstream coverage of Mayday 2001 (01-11 Apr articles).

8 Apr 2001

THE OBSERVER / Apr 8 2001
Police chiefs will lose jobs if they fail to block May Day anarchy
By Frank Kane and Arthur Neslen
Despite the fact that the Mayday Monopoly guide published on the Internet does not include the City reports still focus on the Square Mile. The Observer is the first to print any balanced details of the WOMBLES and place their 'white overall' tactic into context - the article also mentioned police harassment and the anti Nike WOMBLE actions ( see report on Indymedia UK.
Police have 'no idea' who is planning the biggest demonstration in London for decades - mayhem and anarchy - activists descending from around the world - Commissioner Perry Nove and his assistant James Hart to be "held personally responsible if officers lose control of demonstrators entering the Square Mile" - no arrests in connection with Mayday yet - "we are treating it as a serious attempt to disable the City" - occupying a government ministry ultimate prize for activists - police to make appeals to public - City of London police 'unprepared' - riot control training poorly attended - all officers above sergeant ordered to attend training - armed rapid response units on standby
Anti-capitalists claim a systematic police campaign of harassment and intimidation - police attention focussing on WOMBLES - "There's a war of attrition going on, even though we've done nothing illegal" - 200 WOMBLES expected to participate in Mayday - police worried.

5 Apr 2001

THE GUARDIAN / Apr 5 2001
Poll countdown: pitfalls and possibilities possible
By Sarah Hall
Even the Guardian (who you should expect a bit of balance from) follows the line on planned violence and includes ludicrous reporting of last year's Mayday protests:
"May 1 Anti-capitalist protesters are planning to repeat the violence seen on May day 2000, when 150,000 people disrupted central London, pillaging shops and defacing monuments and statues".

THE TIMES / Apr 5 2001
Tiny secret army where prison is badge of commitment
Not yet reviewed

4 Apr 2001

Anti-capitalists find it hard to rally support for May 1 action
By Lydia Adetunji and Jimmy Burns
Protestors divided over tactics - support for protests dwindling - small autonomous groups in central london - difficult to co-ordinate one bigprotest on a working day - anarchists fail to draw suport from abroad - stickers appearing saying "Advance to Oxford Circus: 4pm on Mayday." - 70 hardline activists struggling to reach target of 2-3000 for Mayday 2001 - Met and City police co-operating - meeting planned with City institutions to co-ordinate Mayday security in Square Mile.

Letter: May Day protest (Globalise Resistance)
Not yet reviewed

2 Apr 2001

Police raid anarchists' training site to prevent repeat of May Day riots
By Cahil Milmo
No room for facts at The Independent either...
Police raid thwarts "dress rehearsal" for rioting in plan to "repeat the violence seen on May Day 2000, when 150,000 people gathered in central London" - all police leave cancelled - anti-capitalists from continent and america coming to london - up to 300 groups planning "hit and run" attacks focussing on the City.

THE TIMES / Apr 2 2001
'Anarchist school' raided by police
Not yet reviewed

1 Apr 2001

BBC / Apr 1 2001
Police raid 'anarchist' base
Button Factory used "to prepare for violent demonstrations" - "As anticipated, nobody was at the address when the bailiffs executed the early morning warrant" - violent anarchists to descend on London for prolonged anti-capitalist protest.

Anarchist base destroyed in dawn raid
By David Bamber, Home Affairs Correspondent
Having been demonised for years in the press Reclaim the Streets is now touted as 'a peaceful organisation' while the new enemy 'The Wombles' is now accused of being behind planned violence - see HERE for The Wombles website which explains their approach. Similar to articles last year before Mayday trying to frighten off peaceful protestors and split groups into violent / non-violent categories:
200 police including riot police demolish part of building being used for "drilling 500 rioters in preparations for attacks on police" - special branch surveillance - WOMBLES "importing a frightening brand of continental-style violence into British protests" and "actively preparing and inciting people to cause violence" - last Mayday was largely organised by Reclaim the Streets, a peaceful organisation.

Police raid May Day riot HQ
By David Leppard and Gareth Walsh
150 police, including riot police and special branch, overseen by MI5, raid anarchist headquarters at "the heart of plans to attack dozens of high profile businesses" - thwarting training session where 100 anti-capitalists were to learn to make body armour - Mayday target list published on the Internet - special branch reports 20-30 people behind Mayday 2001, same people who "led the British contingent during rioting in Prague last September".