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Report from The Anti C4ISTAR demo at Malvern theatres - 23/09/03

ARCrew | 24.09.2003 17:25 | Anti-militarism

(C4ISTAR stands for Command, Control, Communication, Combat Information, Surveillance targetting, Acquisition and Reconnaissance.)

Demo held at Malvern theatres, Malvern, Worcestershire. 29/09/03

Demo started at around 1.00pm outside the malvern theatres. 80+ people turned up for the demo. Inside the malvern theatre complex, about 80 or so warmongers from B.A.E systems, the Carlisle group,the M.O.D and various american businessmen and women in pin stripes were milling around waiting to discuss how many billions should be spent on military communications systems rather than housing, hospitals or on community. Megaphones were out outside along with banners and flags and a lot of anger.

Plenty of cops were at the front and back entrances. CCTV van outside. Four failed attempts to enter the building by a few demonstrators. Most demonstrators called it a day about 2.30pm.

The remaining cops left around 4.00pm but when they tried to start the riot van they were in, the battery was flat! So they had to wait stuck in van for 30 minutes until a squad car came with jump leads! So off they went thinking it was all over ...

Four of us stayed waiting for these death dealers to come out, which they did at 5.30, not a cop in sight, and were treated to hell on earth by those of us who stayed, telling them never to come back to our town, or any town, to get the f*ck out of all our lives and to dwell on the bombed out villages of Afghanistan and Iraq and to picture the dead children, mothers and fathers that their weapons have layed waste to (as we followed them to their expensive cars and to the local high class hotel.)

According to three suits that we cornered at the end, they were discussing 'military communication systems' and 'not' selling each other WMDs at the conference which they were pleased to let us know hoping it would get them off lighter, but what they really meant was that they were discussing the equipment used to communicate the orders on where and when to use their WMDs...So, hell on earth resounded once more as we saw the final few off.

Overall a good demo, next time people, if you're reading this who were there, do hang around and help finish the job! ; )