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military families speak out

un | 21.09.2003 11:32 | Anti-militarism

here are messages for all those posters who are pro-occupation of Iraq, from the soldiers and there families who are fighting your dirty, illegal, and unjust war.
You keep tring to justify our leaders actions, but there is no justification, it must be stopped, OUR LEADERS MUST BE STOPPED!

I'm a veteran from the first Gulf War. I retired from the US Army in 1994. My sister's son is an Army SP4 serving somewhere near Baghdad. I am absolutely opposed to this occupation. I believe George Bush lied to us to get us to go along with this war. I also believe the continuing occupation is only necessary so that Bush can pay back the corporate sponsors who put him in office. I think this is very close to class warfare, too. The rich and powerful no longer have to worry about their children dying in some far-off land. The all-volunteer concept has sucked in young people from lower and middle-income families who want to make a better life for themselves. So the young men and women George Bush sends to die are far removed from him and his circle of elite friends. It's not a personal loss, which should cause us all to wonder just what "acceptable loss" means to him and his administration.
Robert S. Smith
SFC, US Army (retired)

My only child, my son, Justin, is a sergeant in the Massachusetts National Guard, and stationed in Samarra, Iraq, since early April. I carry an 8 by10 picture of him on the rear right window of my car with a sign that reads, "Bush lied. The War is not over. Support our troops. Bring my son home!" Very few people speak to me about about Justin's picture. Most people look at it, avert their eyes and pass by, carefully avoiding eye contact if I happen to be in the car.
Susan E. Schuman

In a democracy, the government serves the people. In America, the people serve the government.
Harold Taggart

I watched your press conference today, crying uncontrollably at the words of the families whose children are still in Iraq. I amstill weeping as I'm typing this letter. I am so confused, so scared, so devastated at what is happening today. Words or actions could not express my intense, burning anger when I see President Bush vacationing yet again at his Texas ranch - all the while the soldiers he loves to exploit are dying and suffering.
Melissa, with parents David (Vietnam veteran) and Shelley (daughter of WWII veteran),
and grandmother Ruth (wife of WWII veteran)

My son is in Iraq, and we want to thank you for your efforts. Zac is a son, husband, and father who is much beloved, and he is very opposed to this war. We are outraged at the lies and manipulation of this administration. Nothing is as it appears
Donna Williamson

Statement On the Second Anniversary of 9/11
Two years ago today our loved ones were tragically murdered in an act of terror that shook the United States and the world. In the time since their deaths, as we continue our personal paths of grieving, we are comforted by the thoughtful and compassionate response of people all over the world who have offered sympathy and support to the victims of these terrible attacks. But much about the US government’s approach to responding to our loved ones’ deaths stands in stark contrast to the common sense words and comforting actions of ordinary people. On this two-year anniversary, we stop to reflect on the dangerous course of current policies and to call for a new approach to 9/11 that is focused on bringing about true security and justice.



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