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DSEI Witness Appeal - Tue 9th Sep

Deacon Dave | 17.09.2003 14:23 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London | Sheffield

Any witnesses, photos or videos of my arrest at Connaught Roundabout, East of DSEI ?

I was arrested at 2.50pm on Tues 9th Sep at Connaught Bridge roundabout for "obstruction of the highway". I had on a yellow shirt, clerical collar and a Samba drum. There were 30 people sat on the roundabout into whom the police were pushing me.

Did anyone see the events leading up to the arrest ? Especially anyone in the sit down protest ? Any photos or videos ? Please contact me soon.

The trial is set for Tue 18th Nov at 1.30 in Stratford Magistrates Court. Support would be welcome.

Deacon Dave
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