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[G8] diaz: 73 policemen charged

nessuno | 16.09.2003 15:31 | Repression | London | World

in english--> translation of a press-agency news about police, diaz and bolzaneto

GENOA - Today, the Genoa Prosecutor sent to 73 people notices that investigations against them been closed. The investigations in question were all part of a two-year inquiry into the events that took place in the Diaz and Pascoli schools and in the Bolzaneto police barracks during the G8 summit. From the Diaz and Pascoli schools, 30 people have charges against them; the defendants are police, penitentiary personnel, and medical staff.

According to the group of judges (Cardona Albini, Miniati, Patenti, Petruziello, Pinto and Zucca), among the 30 accused there are the most important chiefs of police (of the SCO, UCIGOS, and Mobile Units) who are accused of slander, false arrest, assault and battery, and abuse of authority. Those accused are those who took part in two closed meetings the night of Saturday, July 21, who were involved in the raids, and in the fabrication of evidence -- two molotovs that thad been brought from corso Italia into the school, and in an episode that -- according to the prosecutor -- involved cutting the jacket of agent Massimo Nucera (who is among the accused) to fabricate evidence of a stabbing. Among
those accused are the directors who, according to the judges' reconstruction of events, organized and took part in the Diaz School operation that ended with almost all of the 93 activists inside the school being injured.

Among those who received notice that the investigations against them had been closed, was Vincenzo Canterini, who was responsible for the first section of the Mobile Police Unit of Rome and for the seventh anti-riot unit created specifically for the G8, his second-in-command Michelangelo Fournier who was the squadron chief; Francesco Gratteri, then director of the SCO (Central Operations Service) and his second-in-command Gilberto Caldarozzi; Gianni Luperi who was then second-in-command to Arnaldo La Barbera, chief of the UCIGOS; Spartaco Mortola, ex-chief of the Genoa DIGOS; Pietro Troiani of the Rome Mobile Unit and his driver Michele Burgo; Massimilano Di Barnardini, Lorenzo Mugolo, and other direct subordinates to the assistant chief of police Andreassi (who was not given notice that any investigation against him had been closed); the director of the Mobile Unit of La Spezia Filippo Ferri; and the commissionar Fabo Ciccimara of the Naples Mobile Unit. For the raid on the Pascoli School, three police directors stand accused, among them the chief of the Mobile Unit of Nuoro, Salvatore Gava.

On the cover of their statement, the judges chose to put the photo of one of the 93 Diaz-School arrestees, Lena Zuhlke, a German woman who left the school on a stretcher. In ten pages, the group of judges draw information from two years of investigation and 42 interrogatory interviews, many of them repeated, and testimonies, including testimonies
drawn from the interrogations of the 93 demonstrators, who at the moment still stand accused of criminal association (the charge of resistance was dropped at the end of May).

For Bolzaneto, headquarters of the sixth Genoa Mobile Unit, which became the registration center for those arrested during the G8, seventy more notices were sent, announcing the end of the preliminary investigation phase. Today, 43 people received notice that investigations against them were closed, including the directors of the intermediary staff of the police and the penitentiary personnel, as well as the medical personnel. The charges are of abuse, infliction of injuries and wounds, verbal abuse, omission of official facts and omission of reports. Among others, Alessandro Perugini, then assistant chief of the Genoa DIGOS, and a large part of the medical personnel, including doctors Giacomo Toccadondi and Amoaldo Amenta. As of oday, the accused have 20 days to request that they be interrogated again. Then they could be truly sent to trial.

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