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Legal Information sought - DSEi

** | 16.09.2003 11:56 | DSEi 2003


We are acting for a number of people stopped and searched/arrested/charged during the DSEI protests.

We are preparing challenges for people who have a serious list of complaints against Police. Amongst the issues we want to challenge are :-

* Wrongful/malicious charges
* Assault
* Wrongful arrest
* False Imprisonment
* Malicious Prosecution
* Illegal Stop and Search (including those ‘authorised’ under S.44 Prevention of
Terrorism Act)

We want to hear from anyone who saw or was subject to treatment of this kind during the days of protest

Please contact Rhona Friedman via e-mail



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With all respect

16.09.2003 13:52

With all respect to tall he genuinely good causes Bindmans take up may I point out that it seems there were people on the ground doing legal observations on the day.
They can be contacted on
CC them too.


Who are you???

16.09.2003 14:45

Who exactly is the 'we' you are refering to here? For all I know you could be police intelligence officers gathering yet more evidence?



30.09.2003 21:10

Bindmans were the solicitors recommended on one of the legal advice cards that I was given during the demonstrations. I think I got mine from the critical mass demo.


Were you arrested for Obstruction of the Highway at DESi?

08.10.2003 11:48

Dozens of protesters have been charged with Obstruction of the Highway. Some have managed to obtain Legal Aid, but others haven’t. Although everyone should try to get Legal Aid (get your solicitor to apply) the reality is that many people will have to defend themselves in court. Don’t be daunted by this – many people have done this sucessfully in the past. Obstruction is a complicated charge and the caselaw is in favour of protesters. LDMG will hold a workshop on Saturday 18th October 2003 at 2pm in London at which a solicitor will go through the law and procedure and answer questions. The workshop is free, but to get a place you must email LDMG. Sorry, but due to space, this workshop is only open to those charged with Obstruction of the Highway at DESi.

Legal Defence and Monitoring Group
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